All the joints have a significant purpose and hence everyone needs to cherish them. Our shoulders are on the same list and need our special care. Working or driving for too long in the same posture can lead to shoulder pain. Similarly, kids getting a bang on the shoulder while playing can cause a shoulder dislocation. This shoulder problem is quite common in all age groups. Let’s discuss the age factor related to shoulder dislocation.

How shoulder dislocation occurs?

If the rounded upper end of the arm bone shifts out of its socket in the shoulder blade (scapula), then this condition is called dislocation. It limits the range of motion and causes pain in the joint. The cup-shaped socket of the shoulder is shallow as compared to other ball and socket joints, making it more vulnerable to dislocation.

Shoulder Dislocation and young kids

The joints of the kids are tender and prone to problems like dislocation. Being a parent, you may be worried about potential grave injuries like fractures and shoulder dislocation. Hence, raising your kid  as an athlete means a higher risk of shoulder dislocation. Especially when we discuss about the older teens, a dislocation can lead to recurrent dislocation which can complicate the situation and raise a question if the surgery is the right way to treat the problem.

According to a study, teenagers who suffer from shoulder dislocation once may suffer from the same problem again within 2 years. In the case of boys, the probability rate of recurrence is 86% and for girls, this figure is 54%.

For kids, this shoulder problem can even affect their mental & emotional well being. Your kid may feel alone and depressed because of the inability to play again with his friend. Moreover, we can’t forget that the shoulder is the core area for the development of the arm.

Important signs that you should monitor

There are many signs that you should watch for as they indicate shoulder dislocation.

  • Extreme shoulder pain
  • If your child is using his other arm to support his injured arm to take off the pressure and weight.
  • Tingling sensation or numbness in the arms or hand

Moreover, there can be a possibility of Rotator cuff tear in the process of pulling off the arm bone from its socket or while reducing it; particularly in the ageing population. Such a shoulder problem can affect the healing process of shoulder dislocation. Thus, it should be examined thoroughly.

Shoulder Dislocation and elderly people

Although the incidence of shoulder dislocation is the same for people of any age group, injuries in elderly people are usually neglected or misdiagnosed and it may lead to further complications. As per a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, there is a slight difference in the dislocation injuries between older and younger patients and recommends a through examining the older patient that can help in improving the process of diagnosis and management of interrelated injuries. According to the conclusion of this study, there is a need to understand the different ways of dislocation and how it can affect patients who are above 40 years of age and it is the first step in making a precise diagnosis of injuries that are related to dislocation.

Due to aging, the rotator cuff tissues tend to become weaker and more prone to injuries and hence older patients are more likely to suffer from injuries related to the rotator cuff.

Some facts related to this subject as per the study:

  • One in five shoulder dislocation patients is aged 60 or more.
  • 90% of patients who faced the problem of multiple dislocations were in their 20s and 30s.
  • In older patients, the occurrence of rotator cuff tears in shoulder dislocation ranges from 35%-86%.

Treatment of shoulder dislocation

As we discussed how age can play an important factor in the occurrence of shoulder dislocation, the treatment approach is different for every patient. It depends on the age and complexity. So if you ever experience shoulder pain, then ask for medical help as soon as possible.

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