All About Shoulder Instability

All About Shoulder Instability

The human body is unique and enables us to do different types of movements like running, swimming & climbing, handstand,  rotating our shoulder, hanging off things. Our shoulders are designed in such a way to maximize our movements in various directions and to make the wide range of movements possible the shoulder joint has a small & shallow socket and big ball making it prone to dislocations.

  • Reasons for Shoulder Instability:

An acute dislocation often follows an injury that causes the shoulder to pop out from its normal position. The injury is significantly painful and makes any movement painful. The only solution is to relocate the shoulder back to its normal position. It is generally achieved by maneuvering the joint to put the ball back into the socket.  It’s highly recommended to get professional assistance to minimize the complications.

An episode of dislocation causes

  • The labrum to get torn away from the bone.
  • The ligaments and the capsule get stretched.

These changes predispose the joint to further dislocations.

The right treatment is important to avoid multiple episodes of dislocation that may occur during normal day to day activities.

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  • Types of Treatment:

It depends upon the type of dislocation. The advancement in medical knowledge provides better options to choose between. various advanced investigations when required allows for better planning and prognosticating the patients. this makes the patients better aware of the conditions and allows them to make an informed decision with regards to the treatment of the condition.

Shoulder dislocation may be treated by

  • Surgical treatment
  • Conservative treatment

It still remains one of the most crucial topics by comparing immediate or delayed surgery or non-surgical treatment.

The surgical treatment is advised for the younger and active people like athletes, and people around the age group of 20-45, while elderly patients may be offered a non-surgical treatment provided there is no other significant tissue tear.

  • Tips to keep shoulder healthy:

There are many ways you can keep yourself active, daily exercise will definitely reduce the chances of injury. Make sure you get professional assistance before starting any kind of exercise on your own.

Proper training is important for athletes, and gymnast,s and other people in contact sports or other forms of performing arts to build better strength and flexibility.

The training phases include:

  • Shoulder mobility:
  • Shoulder Strengthing:

Shoulder strengthening includes strengthening the shoulder blade muscles, the rotator cuff and the deltoid muscle. Two forms of strengthening are

  • Eccentric strengthening
  • Concentric strengthening

It is important to know the correct way of doing these exercises and also to know when to do which exercise. Professional guidance and supervision is advisable.

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