In the case of an irreparable shoulder injury or problem, your orthopedic surgeon may suggest you undergo reverse shoulder replacement surgery. But there are a few suggestions that will help you in faster recovery post-surgery.

  • Changes in swimming movements

If you love swimming, then post shoulder surgery, you may have to adapt some changes in your swimming movements. For instance, a butterfly and overhead crawl will be difficult to perform. But breaststroke movement will be fine and workable.

  • Avoid activities involving overhead movements during initial days post-surgery

If you are thinking to paint the wall or replace the bulb by overstretching your arm, then avoid doing it. Ask for assistance for performing such tasks.

  • Go easy on your shoulder joint while dressing up

Soon after the shoulder surgery, avoid overstretching your arms to button up the hooks at the back or insert a belt in the back.  Hopefully, these dress tips can be helpful:

  • Inserting the belt in the loops of the pair of trousers before wearing it
  • Wear something comfortable and loose at the shoulder joint
  • Put your affected shoulder in your jacket first and then the other one. You can also ask for help while wearing jackets and overcoats


  • Use a scrub brush to reach your back while bathing

Due to the replacement surgery, the range of the motion may get affected in the initial phase of rehabilitation. But with time, it will improve. So during the recovery phase, you may find it difficult to scrub your back while bathing. So, to overcome this challenge, you can try a scrub brush for scrubbing your back as it is more convenient.

  • Strengthen muscles with a rehab plan

It is suggested that you should participate in a physical therapy session that can help you in strengthening the muscles. Moreover, you will be able to improve the range motion and recover soon. Your rehab plan may include various things like a few exercises, a specified diet, and many more. So kindly follow it without a miss. Also, try not to lift heavy weights with a single hand in the initial phase of recovery.

So these were some suggestions that may be helpful. But for more information and personalized guidelines, you may ask your medical expert. If you are looking for an experienced shoulder doctor in Gurgaon, then contact Dr. Retadyuti Mukhopadhyay. He will try his best to heal the shoulder problem effectively and can guide you with the treatment for shoulder replacement surgery.  Hopefully, he will be able to help in curing your shoulder problems.

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