Rotator cuff injuries are quite common as it is a delicate group of muscles present in the shoulder joint. The core function of this muscle is to provide support to the joint by keeping the upper arm bone intact in the socket while lifting the arm. They also play a crucial role because the humerus tends to slide easily and this muscle group keeps it in place and helps in lateral as well as medial rotation of the joint. Due to so much responsibility on this muscle group, overuse, overstretching or repetitive movements can result in shoulder injuries (especially rotator cuff). This is the reason why many athletes who indulge in games like tennis or baseball are at a higher risk of getting a rotator cuff injury. Severe injuries can only be treated through surgical method. But don’t worry as these injuries can be prevented to some extend by following some tips. Let’ discuss them.

Simple ways to prevent rotator cuff injuries and keeping the shoulder joint healthy

  • Don’t push your limits

Everyone needs to pay heed to their body requirements. The stamina of every person is different and it is not a good idea to exhaust your body. Your body is your closest companion and you should listen to it. If you are feeling that you are tired, then take a break, especially when it comes to the shoulder joint. This joint is much more fragile when compared with other joints and hence don’t go beyond its capacity, otherwise, you may suffer from muscle injuries.

  • Maintain your BMI

It is important to stay fit and in shape, as it does exert extra pressure on the joint due to excess body-weight. Moreover, it will help you prevent many other health problems, as you will be consuming a healthy diet with regular exercise.

  • Pay attention to flexibility & with the right training method

It is important to maintain the flexibility of the body as it improves the range of motion and even helps in strengthening the tendons & muscles. Hence, one should perform some stretching and warm-up exercise for each joint every day. Also, never forget that the training technique matters a lot when it comes to injuries. Your negligence to the technique can be the prime reason for injuries during performing exercises.

  • Abstain from overstretching & follow precautions

There are many situations wherein we try to reach for something by overstretching arms and if this habit continues for long, then it may lead to rotator cuff injuries. Follow these tips to avoid such problems:

  • Maintain the posture while sitting as well as standing
  • Never try to reach an object that is placed on a high shelve (is beyond your capability). Try to take the help of a ladder or chair.
  • Always lift weights while keeping the back straight
  • Don’t try to drive or work on the computer for long in the same posture as it may affect our shoulder joint and its muscles.
  • The height of your desk should be perfect that aligns well with your arms
  • If you are suffering from a shoulder sprain or any other shoulder problem, then try to take enough rest and focus on recovery. Don’t try to hurry up and you can try the RICE method for pacing up the recovery process after an expert’s help.

So these were some simple tips that can help you in preventing a rotator cuff injury as it works on keeping the joint healthy. If you want to consult an experienced shoulder doctor in Gurgaon, then you may book an appointment with Dr. Reetadyuti Mukhopadhyay. He has helped many patients in getting back to their normal life without any shoulder pain.


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